Atheist Quotes

Whether you’re trying to discover your own reason for believing in atheism or you’re trying to better explain your beliefs to others, quoting the words of reputable atheists is a great way to go. Most of the world’s most reputable… Continue Reading →

Are You An Atheist Quiz

When we first start to question our worldview and beliefs, it can be difficult to figure out what group we identify with. From my personal experience, I spent many years bouncing back and forth between agnosticism and atheism. So, how do… Continue Reading →

Atheist Memes

When the internet was first invented by the military to handle top-secret CIA missions, nobody could have predicted that the internet would be dominated by so-called “meme culture.” There are memes on just about everything, including atheist memes! So, why… Continue Reading →

Who Is The God Of Atheists?

If you were raised in a religious household like me and you’re just now starting to question your beliefs, then you’ve probably got more questions than I can count. From my own experience, I remember that the first question I… Continue Reading →

Is Atheism A Religion?

When most people think of an atheist, the last thing that they think to compare atheism to is religion. By its very definition, atheism is the disbelief in a God or gods. This also implies disbelief in the very basis… Continue Reading →

How Do Atheists Get Married?

Personally, I’m not one for involving the government in my personal life, so I’ve managed to avoid the whole marriage thing. That being said, it kind of hit me off-guard the other day when one of my readers asked me,… Continue Reading →

Atheist vs Christian

Ironically, many of the atheists I’ve come across started off as faithful Christians. Many were raised in Christian households or attended Christian schools. Some even attended seminary school to become preachers! However, many atheists who don’t have a background in… Continue Reading →

Atheist Arguments

If you ask most atheists why they believe what they believe, they should be able to come up with at least one key reason for why they believe that atheism is true. Being able to back up your position with a well-thought… Continue Reading →

Are Atheists Agnostic?

An agnostic is best defined as somebody who doubts the existence of God or other supernatural beings. In fact, many agnostics strongly identify with atheist beliefs, writers, and speakers. However, the two schools of thought are a bit different from… Continue Reading →

What Is Agnostic Atheism?

An agnostic is somebody who is unsure of the existence of a God, while an atheist is somebody who is firmly against the belief of a God. However, when it comes to spiritual matters, there are always going to be… Continue Reading →

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