Top Myths About Atheism That You Must Know

Several polls indicate that the concept of atheism has gained a significant stigma around the world that being an atheist is a tremendous obstacle to a career in political interest. According to recent reports, only 39% of audiences are likely to vote for a qualified atheist for president. Moreover, atheists are often considered immoral, intolerant, depressed, dogmatically unaware of supernatural evidence, and blinded to nature’s beauty.

Though, a remarkable 88% of the population around the world claimed that they never doubted the existence of god, while less than 10% of the population identify themselves as an atheist and their reputation seems to be deteriorating over time. Considering that atheist individuals are the most educated and scientifically literate individuals in any community. Therefore, It is essential to deflate the myths, which prevent them from playing their vital role in society. So, without further ado, let us discuss the top myths regarding atheism.

Top Myths About Atheism That You Must Know

Atheists Express That Life Does Not Have Any Meaning

It is seen that most religious people often worry about their life as they think that it is meaningless, which can only be redeemed by finding eternal happiness before they are dead. On the other side, Atheists tend to be sure about life is precious. Moreover, they believe that life is full of purpose and meaning, which can be lived fully. Relationship between you and loved one has excellent meaning; though they may not last forever, they make our life meaningful.

Atheism Is Responsible For The Greatest Crimes Happened In The Human History

The majority of people believe that the crime caused by Stalin, Hitler, pol pot, and moa were the inevitable doing of unbelief. Moreover, communism and fascism are not so critical to religion, but the issue is that they are more like religions. Such situations are dogmatic to the core, which can cause personality cults that are indefinable from the cults of religious hero worship.

There are several more examples related to the political, religious, nationalistic, and racial dogma that run around the world. And there is not a single community in human history that has not suffered because individuals were too reasonable at that time.

Atheism Is Dogmatic

Christians, Jews, and Muslims state that their scriptures are so prophetic for humanity’s needs that they could have been written under the guidance of an omniscient deity.  However, an Atheist is an individual who has considered reading the books and founded the claim to be ridiculous. One does not have to consider everything on faith or be dogmatic to reject the unjustified beliefs related to religion.

Therefore, one should understand the concept of why they dismissed all other possible gods and then think about why others have dismissed their god. When you understand why all people who believe in atheism or doubt the existence of gods are not being dogmatic, you will know why there is a rise in the numbers of atheist people as they search for concrete proof.