Topmost Facts About Atheism That You Need To Know

Determining atheism is quite complicated as some people who express themselves as atheists have also stated that they believe in some kind of spiritual force or higher powers. On the other side, some people who are identified with a religion (for an instant, lets us say that they are Jewish or catholic) express that they don’t think that God ever exists.

However, there is one thing for sure that along with the increase in religious unaffiliated, most people who believe in almighty have seen a corresponding rise in atheists’ numbers. Therefore, you need to be aware of what is happening around the world related to atheism. To assist you, here are several facts that you should know about atheists living around the world.

Topmost Facts About Atheism That You Need To Know

The Number Of People Who Are Identified As Atheists Has Increased Tremendously

Researchers have conducted a telephone survey in which they ask about their religions and whether they believe in God or not. The results were significantly increased, which shows that almost 5% of adults are saying that they are atheists when asked about their religious profile. Moreover, almost 4-5% of people are calling themselves agnostics, which was 4% lower than the latest report created from the recent telephone survey.

Atheist refers to a person who does not believe in a god or any gods’ real existence. However, the vast majority of people express that they do not believe in almighty or any god or any kind of high powers and spiritual powers. But at the same time, some people describe themselves as atheists, but they believe in some sort of high power. Many atheists were surveyed in the program, but none of them said they trust God as described in the bible.

The atheists’ population holds a larger share in European countries, and recent research has shown that most Belgians have identified themselves as atheists, while 16% in Denmark, 14% in the Netherlands, and 15% in France and Sweden. Apart from being the strongest contributor to the atheists’ community, European countries also hold the most significant share of atheist individuals who are part of the Czech republic.

Atheists Are Mostly Young People And Mostly Men

According to a recent study, it is determined that seven out of ten atheists person are mostly men. Moreover, it is recorded that the average of the adults is 34, and they are more likely than white men who are highly educated. Near four out of ten atheists already have a college degree compared to 27% of the general audience. However, most people who are self-identified as atheists tend to ally with political liberalism and the Democratic Party.

However, the vast majority of atheists express that religion is not at all or not too important to have in their lives and that they never or seldom going to pray. At the same time, some atheists cannot identify the contradiction between atheism and wonder about their existence in the world. Most people find the true purpose of their lives and at least think about it once a week.

These are the top facts that you need to know related to the world surrounded by the concept of atheism.