Are You An Atheist Quiz

When we first start to question our worldview and beliefs, it can be difficult to figure out what group we identify with. From my personal experience, I spent many years bouncing back and forth between agnosticism and atheism. So, how do you know if you’re really an atheist or not

The biggest determinant of whether or not you’re an atheist is your belief in a higher power. True atheists firmly believe that God does not exist, while agnostics are still unsure or questioning. Conversely, theists believe that a God, gods, or higher power exist in the universe. 

Atheist Quiz

If you’re just starting to learn about theology or question the beliefs that you were raised with, then my simple quiz will help you figure out whether you’re atheist, agnostic, or lean more towards theism (belief in some type of God). Check it out! 

Are You An Athiest? Take This Quiz To Find Out

When you’re first starting to form your worldview, it can often be confusing trying to figure out what your beliefs are. 

There’s a constant, neverending stream of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that is only made more complicated by the internet and meme culture. As soon as you start to develop an idea of what you believe, something new comes along that makes you reevaluate everything. 

If this describes your current situation, don’t worry! It takes most people years to figure out who exactly they are (including myself). But the first step is to start asking yourself certain key questions. The more you question yourself and your beliefs, the more you begin to form a solid idea of who you are and what you truly believe. 

So, that being said, go through the quiz, answer the following questions honestly, and really try to challenge your beliefs! 

How The Quiz Works

The point of this quiz isn’t to be right or wrong; it’s to help you question yourself. Perhaps, you’re an agnostic atheist, perhaps you’re a questioning theist, or maybe you’re a die-hard atheist. The way I’ve set it up is:

  • Answer “a” corresponds to a theistic belief (belief in God or a higher power). 
  • Answer “b” corresponds to an agnostic belief (questioning or doubting). 
  • Answer “c” corresponds to an atheistic belief (God does not exist at all).

Under each question, I’ve included a brief explanation of the question and answers!  

1) What Do You Believe About God? 

  1. I believe in God, gods, or another higher power. (Theist) 
  2. I don’t think that God exists, but I could be convinced otherwise. (Agnostic)
  3. God is a myth and the “supernatural” can be explained by science. (Atheist)

Atheists don’t believe in any type of God, while theists strongly believe in a God. Agnostics are somewhere in between and aren’t sure whether God does or doesn’t exist. 

2) How Do You Think The Universe Came To Be? 

  1. God or a higher power created the known universe from nothing. (Theist)
  2. Something may have sparked the Big Bang. (Agnostic)
  3. The universe came into being out of sheer coincidence. (Atheist) 

Theists (and some agnostics) believe that a higher power consciously created or sparked the universe into existence. Conversely, most atheists will quote that the Universe is the result of pure chance. 

3) What Are Your Thoughts On The Bible And Other “Holy Books”? 

  1. Holy texts are divinely inspired by God. (Theist)
  2. Some texts may have had divine inspiration, most are just stories. (Agnostic)
  3. No text is “holy.” All religious texts are just mythology, exaggerations, or dreams. (Atheist)

Theists believe that their religion’s “holy text” was divinely inspired by God and is therefore holy. Atheists think that these texts are mythology or created in order to control people. Agnostics also tend to lean towards an atheistic viewpoint in this matter as well. 

4) Do You Believe In The Human Soul? 

  1. Yes, every human being has an eternal soul that lives on forever, past death. (Theist)
  2. I want to believe there’s a soul, but I don’t have enough evidence. (Agnostic)
  3. The idea of a “soul” is just the brain’s attempt to make peace with life. (Atheist)

Belief in the human soul goes back to the dawn of humanity and self-awareness. As self-aware individuals, it’s natural for us to believe we’re special or unique. We want to believe there’s more to life. 

Theists and agnostics are often strong proponents that we have a soul or at least some type of internal energy. Conversely, atheists will usually tell you that this is just neurochemistry that’s designed to make humans more comfortable with the idea of death. 

What Are You? 

Just as there are many compelling arguments for theism and religion, there are also just as many compelling arguments for atheism. I strongly encourage you to delve into multiple worldviews and always question everything you learn. This is the only way to figure out who you truly are and what you believe about the existence of God, life, and the universe.