Atheism – The Rise Of The World’s Newest Religion

When people are asked about their feelings regarding faith, more and more individuals have responded with a meh. The religiously unaffiliated, known as “nones,” are increasing significantly. It is among the second largest religious community in most of Europe and North America. However, in the United States, the atheism community covers a quarter of the population.

Hence, a lack of religious affiliation has tremendous effects on how people think about life and death, educate their kids, and even affect how they choose their vote. There has been a remarkable prediction about religion that it would fade from relevancy in the future as the world is becoming modernized every day. Still, recent reports have depicted that it has begun already.

In parts of the world like France, the Netherlands, and new Zealand will soon have a secular population. However, religion is becoming less important for people, where faith has impacted everything from the borders to rulers to architecture. If you look at the religiously unaffiliated ranks, the divisions run quite deep as some are avowed atheists, while some are agnostic. Others are don’t care about expressing their preference.

Views Of Millennials Regarding God!!

If the world is on the verge of the religious precipice, you will be more likely to be unaware of the slow movement towards reality. Do you know that almost fifty years ago, time questioned in a popular headline that “is god dead?”. The journal wondered whether the world considered religion relevant to modern life in a post-atomic age when communism was increasing, and scientists were explaining more about the nature of the world than ever before.

The question remained unanswered, but the response is not just limited to yes or no. Because the population born after this question may provoke the answer saying, God who? Though, scientific advancement making people question God, and it is also connecting people who question.

Moreover, it is easy to find agnostic and atheist community groups online, even after having a religious background. You can take active participation in those community-based discussions. However, if you are pressured to follow a particular religion, you don’t have to unless you don’t feel.

Diversity Of Problem Regarding Atheism

Everything that may happen has a cause. Hence, that means the universe must also have a reason. Therefore, that cause can be God. Considering the universe exists, it is clear that God must even exist to ensure the cause also exists and so on. However, an atheist may ask what cause gave rise to God? The problem does not end here; if the argument reaches a point where God didn’t need to reason to create this universe.

Then maybe the universe did not need a reason to exist either, then he made such a universe? Why would he bother about the lives of creatures? How will this benefit him? And for some reason, the universe exists, then there must be something else other than God. Hence, it gives rise to people who began to question their values and ask themselves whether they are finding the right purpose in their lives.

That’s all about atheism, which might explain to you the rise of a new religion that is no religion.